Self Monitoring Therapy


This was research being performed with a heart monitor, a bluetooth app, a screen recorder and a video camera and is currently compiled as a series of video clips awaiting interest from a collaborator.  If you are interested in collaborating please email using the contact form.

The subject goes about their day wearing their heart monitor, while the data is recorded, and matched with footage of what the subject is experiencing.  It is then combined with a post-experience interview about what is recalled from each moment.  The recordings and data stream are aligned and presented together.  

What can be observed:

The subject experiences social anxiety, and upon entering an empty building where they were expecting a room full of strangers, the heart rate goes up to 170 and then drops.  The heart rate had only been at around 85 on the walk towards the building and quickly increases upon entry.

When the subject is experiencing physical pain and the anticipation of pain, the heart rate goes down to 54 and this is maintained until the pain event has finished.

The heart rate seems to correlate to music that the subject is listening to, regardless of the physical activity.

Upon watching the footage and being able to 'see' the events they were anxious about in 'the moment', they were able to address these exaggerated worries.  The subject does not experience such extreme heart rate increases in similar situations, possibly due to addressing contributing behaviours and thoughts.