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Materials: Hand crank music box mechanism.  Screen print of hand drawn logarithmic map of the universe on clear film.  Mirror



Viewers are invited to play the hand crank music box.  Instead of sheet music, there is a screen print of a hand drawn logarithmic map of the universe fed in to the player.  Every note that gets played correlates to an object in the universe.  The screen printed strip begins at one end with the big bang, then shows a possible holographic phase, the CMB, interstellar space, the milky way, followed by Earth at the centre.  Then, continuing past the centre it shows the milky way again, interstellar space, the CMB, a possible holographic phase and the big bang again.  The screen printed strip is arranged as a Mobius strip, and the two ends (the two points where the big bang is written) are connected together to make a singularity. 

With special thanks to

Prof J. Richard Gott (data)

Prof Mario Juric (data)

Prof Marika Taylor (information on the early universe)

     Richard Cochrane (Fine Art Maths Centre)

Interview in iScienceMag 

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