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Sculpture/ sound/ performance

(performance 30 mins daily at university of Brighton

Equipment: Ultrasound doppler, microphone, mixer, amp, wires, 6 speakers 

Vessels:  Perspex, PVC tubes, LED strips, wooden frame, polyethylene, latex

Each day a subject lays motionless locked inside a vessel.  An ultrasound device and microphone also located within the vessel transmit the sound of her respiration and heartbeat live in to a second vessel containing 6 speakers.  Though the artist's eyes remain closed throughout the performance, using her hearing she senses the presence of audience members entering and moving around the room and this in turn effects the speed and rhythm of her heart and breathing.  For example, when audience members get very close, the heart beats faster and harder, and the breathing becomes more erratic.

This work won an award for innovation and creativity from Nagoya University of the Arts.

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